HiveAuth is a fully decentralized solution for any application (either web, desktop or mobile) to easily authenticate users without asking them to provide any password or private key.

When integrating HiveAuth protocol support, the Hive Authentication Services act as a bridge between any application and any Private Key Storage Application.

In this documentation, we will use:

  • the name HiveAuth or the acronym HAS to refer to the Hive Authentication Services

  • the acronym APP for applications

  • the acronym PKSA for Private Key Storage Application

In most cases, the Private Key Storage Application (PKSA) is simply your preferred Hive Wallet application installed on your mobile, but it can also be a desktop application or a service running on a server (see Service Mode PKSA).

Any application can rely on HiveAuth to authenticate users. It doesn't need to be a "Hive application", except if it plans to sign and broadcast transactions to the Hive Blockchain.

It can also work cross-chain because the HiveAuth infrastructure is "transactions agnostic". Therefore, one can easily imagine for example a Telos App "talking" with a Telos Wallet but authenticating and securing the connection with the help of a Hive account.

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