Authentication payload

Once the APP receives the request confirmation (auth_wait and uuid), it should tell the user to start its PKSA to approve or reject the authentication request before the request expires.

The application must provide the user with out-of-band data. These data will be read by the PKSA in order to know which HAS server to connect to and to privately share an authentication key (auth_key) used to encrypt payloads.

This can be done by providing the user with a deep link or QR code representation of that deep link.

To create the deep link:

1. Create an auth_payload object:


    account: string
    uuid: string,
    key: string,
    host: string
  • account: the username of the account performing the authentication.

  • uuid: the request identifier received with the auth_wait reply.

  • key: the app-generated auth_key (see Encryption Key)

  • host: URL of the HAS server the APP is connected to (ex: "wss://")

2. Convert the auth_payload object to a base64 string (auth_payload_base64)

The URI for the deep link will be: has://auth_req/{{auth_payload_base64}}


The following auth_payload


will generate the following URI:


and will produce the following QR code

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