Why use Hive Authentication Services?

  • As a Hive user You do not want to provide your Private Keys to Web, Desktop or Mobile Apps but still want to be able to use them. However, it happens that you store your Private Keys in a trusted application (which you may have audited), like Hive Keychain, and wish you didn't have to enter them elsewhere.

  • As a Hive Application developer Implementing a secure solution for authentication (signing-in users), storing and protecting user's credentials, and broadcasting signed transactions to the Hive blockchain (providing access to user's private keys) can take significant effort. You must make sure to follow best practices and standards, and keep your implementation safe and up to date. By implementing Hive Authentication Services support into your application, all you have to do is to ask for a username, period!

  • As a Private Keys Storage Application developer While you are good at securing the data you store, i.e. accounts Private Keys, implementing cross-processes, cross-applications and cross-platforms secure communication channels can be cumbersome and hard to maintain. Integrating HAS into your Private Keys Storage Application will instantly turn it into a 2FA solution for any HAS compatible Hive Applications.

HiveAuth is an out-of-the-box infrastructure that acts as middleware and facilitates the interactions between any applications and their users as long as they have a Hive account.

No longer will you have to put up with having a Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account, having to provide them with private information and being tracked for whatever you do.

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