Transaction approval

If the user approves the transaction request, the PKSA must check if the App requested it to broadcast the transaction to the blockchain.

If so, it must try to do it and inform the HAS upon success or failure.

If not, the PKSA must inform the HAS of the user's approval and return a signed transaction object.

In both cases, it will send the following message:


    cmd: "sign_ack",
    uuid: string,
    data : object,
    broadcast: boolean,
    pok: string
  • uuid: the transaction request identifier

  • data: the transactions id (txid) if broadcast is true or a signed transaction object (signed_tx) if broadcast is false.

  • broadcast: true if the transaction was broadcasted by the PKSA, otherwise false

  • pok: the uuid encrypted using the account private key and the HAS server public key (see Proof of Key)

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